Moa Hoff

I'm good at a lot of things, but most of all I like to draw. I can draw both nicely and ugly. I draw little sad animals and old wrinkled grannies, trees that bend in the wind and false teeth in a glass of water. Natural romanticism and kitchen sink realism. Sometimes I get obsessed, press the pencil too hard against the paper so that the pencil lead keeps breaking and falling to the floor in piles. I find it hard for the straight and the perfect, but I'm good at making things crooked and intricate. I like to work with paper cuttings too, and paste, fold, and build. I have a taste for silly projects and complex structures. I always have too many ideas, never too few, and can never keep up with everything I'd like to do."

Moa Hoff was trained at the Konstfack University College of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and works as a freelance illustrator. Under many years she has received prizes for the competition Kolla!, organized by the Swedish Illustrators Organization. Among other books, she has illustrated, with very expressive drawings in collage style, Valle, mormor och vaniljsåsen (Valle, Grandmother and Vanilla Sauce), Barnbarnsboken (The Grandchildren Book) and Födelsedagsmamman (Birthday Mum).

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