Kristin Lidström

Storytelling in general and visual storytelling in particular is my engine. Whether it's a picture book, a play, a novel, a movie or an oral narrative, the storytelling is the focus and what inspires and generates images in me. Ironically, it’s not the literally or visually described that fascinates me the most, but what is left out, open to interpretation. I call these in-between spaces. To me that is what storytelling is all about.”

Kristin Lidström was born in 1984 in Tibro and lives in Gothenburg, where she also studied at HDK, the School of Design and Crafts. In 2013 she teamed up with author Isabella Nilsson for the picture book Det hungriga slottet and illustrated the picture book Din tur, Adrian written by Helena Öberg and published by Mirando Bok. Din tur, Adrian is nominated for the August Prize 2015.

Photo: Jimmy Eriksson

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