Ida Björs

I like to draw. I’m happy when I get to add colors, when the line starts to sing, when I can find those key points that make a face right, or the twist of a leg or whatever it may be. I like that. And I like that as an illustrator I can invent the world anew every day just as want it, at least on a two-dimensional surface.”

Ida Björs was born in 1973 in Järvsö and educated at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Ida alternates illustration assignments for magazines and books to paintings, paper cuts and textiles exhibitions. She received Björn Berg’s Art Scholarship in 2013, and that same year she was among the 31 illustrators who represented Sweden at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. Ida has recently released the book Min Sussirull (My Sussirull) with text by Emma Virke, published by Alvina Förlag.

Photo © Alex Pacheco 

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