Björn Berg

Not a day without a line.


Björn Berg (1923-2008) was an illustrator, painter, graphic artist and sculptor. He worked for 40 years at one of Sweden’s largest morning papers, Dagens Nyheter, as a cartoonist and daily illustrator. He collaborated with several authors, among which Astrid Lindgren, Alf Henrikson , Alf Prøysen , PC Jersild , and has contributed to over 400 book titles. His illustrations of Astrid Lindgren's stories about Emil, where his own son Torbjörn posed as a model, became his big breakthrough in the children's book world. Björn Berg is one of Sweden’s most beloved illustrators. He had the ability to capture a moment, a movement or an atmosphere with just a few strokes. Movement and rhythm characterize his pictures and every scene tells a story, often with a touch of humor.